GT-BIO Powereel


Spinning technic continues with lots of fans all over the world. Thinking about spinning, GT-BIO has created an elastic and resistant soft lure, to fish with buldos or lead. It could be linked to jigs and lures, or assembled in tandem, like Sabiki or double Zullu.

  • Very natural swimming, even in a very slow speed;
  • Produced with a polymer non phtalate, non toxic material specially developed to human and environmental contact;
  • Soft and resistant lure, that allows to do several catches with the same lure;
  • 3D eyes for bigger realism;
  • Impregnated with the natural flavour of herring.
80 80mm
120 120mm
160 160mm


01 - Sandeel

02 - Sardine

03 - Red Devil

04 - Pearl White

05 - Silver Gohst

06 - Salmon Gohst

07 - Lemon Pearl

08 - Fire Pearl

09 - Kiwi Pearl