GT-BIO Slender

Flash Bait

Flash Bait is the new GT-BIO soft lure which inmitates a prey fish, to thinner fishing. Very flexible, soft and resistant, it has a natural action with soft touches on the tip, like twitchs and jerks. With a keen eye and a reflective band on the belly, it presents a incomparable ease, it’s ideal to thin fishing, where a little touch makes the Flash Bait vibrate.

  • Produced with a polymer non phtalate, non toxic material specially developed to human and environmental contact;
  • Soft and resistant lure, that allows to do several catches with the same lure;
  • Big and attractive eyes;
  • Impregnated with the natural flavour of anise, which provokes stronger attacks without immediate rejection by the fish;
  • It can be used with different types of hooks.
60 60mm
90 90mm
100 100mm


01 - Ghost Ayu

02 - Phantom

03 - Tormentor

04 - Red Belly

05 - Ghost Shad

06 - Pink Phantom